V3 Cam is not a good bird perch


Agreed! I have one V3 that seems to be a great location for perching birds. When it gets warmer, I am going to fabricate some sort of spikey hat for my cam!

Birds land on my V3 and my WCO frequently. They are all fastened to the house siding with the provided screw. I usually just get a event of them landing and tail feathers.

Mine are attached by the base screwed in too, but they keep moving the cam so that the pic frame shifts and my detection zone is then off kilter.

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Last Spring I covered all my outdoor cameras with Dalen Gard’n Net using thumbtacks (I have a wooden house, so thumbtacks were easiest). The birds now approach, see the net, and fly away. No more screwing up my camera’s view adjustments. :slight_smile:

You can easily cut it to any size you need, and $6 covers a lot of cameras:


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