V3 app not compatible with Android 10 or 11?

I use my phone with Android 10 with my v3 camera. I talked a friend into buying a camera and an ONN tablet.

Play store doesn’t show the app at all. We used a direct link to the app, but it says it is not compatible with this device. I did a chat and was told the app doesn’t work with Android 10 or 11 and he was out of luck. It won’t work and there is no other app that will work with it.

Is this true? I didn’t see anything in the Wish List forum about it

My phone wants to upgrade to Android 11 and I won’t be able to prevent it

That doesn’t sound right to me. I did just yesterday create a “Virtual Phone” on Android Studio that is running Android 11, and when I went to the Wyze app on Google Play, it wouldn’t give me a download link for the App either.

I thought it was because I was running it as a Virtual phone/OS…so I went to APK Mirror and downloaded the Wyze app there. Then when I went back to Google Play it told me there was a new Beta Update I could upgrade to (My account is enrolled in their Beta program), and it allows me to use it just fine again even through Google Play.

I also have it running on real phones with Android 7.1 and Android 9. It would be ridiculous if it ran on those phones but not Android 10 or 11. That makes no sense to me.

I would recommend going to apk mirror and downloading the latest Wyze app there. I almost guarantee it will still work on Android 10 or 11. Then it might allow updating through Google Play after that like it allowed me to do on the Virtual Phone I created last night.


I’ll see if I can find out anything about this.

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Thank you. I used APK Extractor on my phone to create an APK and put it on a thumb drive. I’ll try that tomorrow on his tablet. Actually, my wife has the same tablet. I’ll try it on hers . It’s a 7" ONN. It works on my ONN 10" with Android 9.


Nope. My APK wouldn’t install. I’ll try the APK Mirror now

2.28 worked! Thank you very much!

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The app is fine on my android 10 and 11 phones BUT I have an Android tablet which has Android 11 Go edition and the app is not available in the Play Store for it.

I think that the “Go” edition is so stripped down that it is incompatible with some apps.

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Running fine on my Android phone and table - both running Android 10.

So add another log to the “misled by tech support script readers” fire. Sorry, I mean “wizards”.

I completely forgot that my Android 11 phone was updated to Android 12 a few weeks ago - so the app works for me on Android 10, 11 and 12

After reading your post, I pulled out my ONN with Android 11 and checked. The Wyze app was already installed from previous use. Checked for latest version and logged in. Works fine.

It works on my `phone running Android 10, which updated to 11 last night.
I don’t know why the person on chat LIED to me or why it isn’t available at the Play Store from my neighbor’s tablet. I said “So I guess I am out of luck” and was told that I was. I said I was going to return the camera and was told “I can help you with that”. I told them I didn’t buy it from them. (I was using my neighbor’s email and name in the chat)

carverofchoice really came through for me!

I told my neighbor to never update the camera’s firmware or app

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