V2 upgrade problem


I have a Wyze Cam v2 with When I view the LiveStream from the app I am presented with a popup message that says there’s a new firmware version available. When I tap upgrade the screen blinks momentarily then tries to playback a saved event from 7:00PM that doesn’t exist. If I tap cancel on the upgrade message and try to upgrade from device info then the screen blinks again and returns me back to the device settings page.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

have you tried to go into your account page on the app and do the upgrade from there. Im not sure what would be causing what you are experiencing but at least doing it through the account page wouldn’t be seen as any type of “alert” for lack of a better word. maybe it would work there.

Thank you Bam!

I thought I found all of the places where you could do the upgrade. In case anyone else runs into this there are 3 options when it comes to upgrade.

  1. The pop up message on the livestream
  2. Device info page
  3. Account page
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Try going into your device’s app management and deleting any cache in the Wyze app.

im going to venture a guess and say you got the upgrade to go through then?

Please reply whether this is Android or iOS for the developers as well.

That’s correct my v2 upgraded successfully.

The issue was seen on a Moto X 2013 Android 5.1

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