V2 Losing Connection when pointed out Window

Hey fellow Wyze enthusiasts, I am stumped and looking for any insight on this since this is now the second V2 that I am having this issue with after support has replaced it twice now with the second one being returned back for further investigation.
I have the V2 pointed out a window with IR off and Night Vision Mode set to Off as well, what is happening is that it will randomly start to click as in the IR shutter is opening and closing and when I go into investigate the issue on the app, It will connect and then my bitrate will drop to zero and then loose connection completely. Again this is now the third camera the first being my oringal that started to do this and the two now have been replacements.
Now troubleshooting on my own, if I leave it in the same spot and just rotate it so its looking inside instead of outside, it will work and become stable and not have any issues but the moment I turn it back to pointing outside it experiences the same issue of IR filter opening and closing, bitrate drops to zero and then it resets based on the LED status.

Any thoughts on this or anyone else experience this, I am at a total loose.

Firmware is with a solid 78% WiFi strength and the app version on Android is 2.6.42

If you have night vision mode set to “Off” not On or Auto I don’t understand why the IR filter is even engaging?

That sounds like a software/firmware error to me. If that’s the case replacing the cameras will not solve it.

Yes I even tried this same scenario by moving it from off to Auto and Also ON and same situation, its very bizarre. I had sent logs to Wendy when this was going on with the last camera as well but never heard back from it.

Very bizarre! Any chance it could be a power problem? When Wyze replaced the camera, did they send you a new power supply? If so, are you using it and a replacement power cable?? One possibility is that there’s a dodgy microUSB plug (or wiring) on the power cable. When you rotate the camera to the outward-pointing position, the plug fails to make good contact with the jack on the camera, and the power supplied to the camera becomes iffy.

Let me try that I did not give that a go so maybe that’s the culprit honestly I would be so upset with myself if I didn’t check that and it is.

No reason to be upset at all, a power block or cord failure is pretty rare but they do happen. What I keep coming back to is that the IR filter is trying to engage when it should not, and turning the camera seems to have a positive effect.

Well that did not fix the issue, tried both new cable and new power supply and same issue, will work if facing in, but wont if facing out.

I am not sure where inside the V2 camera the WiFi antenna is but perhaps facing towards the window has somehow blocked or attenuated the WiFi signal? I have seen and read about some types of windows interfering with RF signals.

I thought that too but i went for about 4 months with no issues and the WiFi mesh puck its connected too is about 15 feet away from it which is the main gateway in the mesh network. The original issue with the first v2 was not even related to this, One day after a beta firmware update i got the dreaded solid Yellow. After trying to re-flash firmwaret multiple times it wouldn’t come back, so this new issue has been from the two replacement Cams support has sent.

That is indeed odd. Nothing comes to mind other than to continue engaging with Wyze Support and hopefully they will get it sorted.

But if you do resolve the issue please do post what the solution was!

Of course i appreciate the help and ideas though…we shall see.

Though an update, I switched it currently to Night mode ON right now without the IR lights, (Note it is daylight out) and its been stable for the past 5 minutes, I am going to see what it does though…

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Something to try: put it in the outward-facing, then place a big sheet of black paper or similar in front of the lens blocking the light from outside. If problem goes away, then it’s related to the nature of light hitting the sensor. If the problem continues, that suggests it’s due to WiFi connectivity as suggested by rbruce. But if it’s WiFi related, that really doesn’t explain why the IR filter would be flipping back and forth.

Is the window low-E construction (argon filled, UV reflective coating, etc)? Dual- or-triple pane? With an exterior storm window?

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Is it in the direct sun? Perhaps it’s overheating.

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It would have to be getting quite hot, I have had mine outside in 100 degree weather against metal

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No not in direct sunlight sun is on opposite side of house. The camera itself doesn’t get warm at all.

I’ve been having the exact same issues with my camera inside a window facing outside. I’ve tried swapping the camera with my garage cam, changed the USB cable, the power adapter, everything. But it seems to constantly click only during the day and it’ll drop connection. So could this perhaps be of the sun hitting it?

Any other suggestions?


Welcome to the forums!

What is the night vision mode set to? (Auto/on/off?). Is the camera actually restarting or is the IR filter moving into place and back? What does the camera look at? Is it in direct sun? Have you tried a different power outlet than the one you’ve been using?


Thank you!
I’ve set night vision mode to off completely. I think the camera is restarting, when it’s constantly clicking, the led flashes between orange and blue.

It looks out to a pathway with some plants and trees. It’s not in direct sun. However when the sun moves, it casts shadows from the plants and the camera goes a little crazy.

Have also tried a different power outlet. I swapped it with the one in my garage which has been working with no issues whatsoever. Is there something I can do to the lens? I read above something about black paper?

It just doesn’t seem to have any issues at night with the clicking and disconnecting.

For clarification, you have tried other known good cameras in the trouble spot, but have you tried the bad camera in a known good spot? The only time there is an issue is that “bad” camera in the known “bad” spot? Good cameras work good there and the bad camera works ok in known good spots?

If you have the NV off and you hear clicking that’s proboly the camera restarting and running through it’s startup, exercising the filter.

By black paper do you near creating a hood around the camera? Or making the camera black?

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Yes, I’ve tried a ‘good’ camera in the bad spot, which was the garage cam and still facing the same issue. I moved the original ‘bad’ camera into the good spot and it’s now working fine.

So both cameras are fine. No camera works in the bad spot, i.e on the window.

A comment above suggests putting a “sheet of black paper or similar in front of the lens blocking the light from outside”. How exactly would this work? Could the sun be making it constantly restart?