V2 infrared not working

My v2 cam infrared stopped working since latest update anyone else having the same issue?


Did you check cam firmware for update? App?

Been lots of changes recently. I personally remember having to go to advanced settings in cam settings and toggle auto back on for an IR issue. Just needed a toggle massage. Might work for you.


Same as @madnav. After the last update, some of my v2 cams had IR off when they were previously on and the app showed the switch on. Conversely, some had IR on when they were previously off and the app showed the switch off. For each cam, I had to go into advanced settings, toggle IR on/off or off/on, back up one level and click the restart button to get the setting to “stick”.


Also, check and verify all your settings while your at it as some updates can change different settings, not just ir settings.