V2 Extended Wifi Range/ My solution in testing

By no means am I anywhere near a know it all and may end up with a meltdown. So just sharing What I did today. Outdoor weatherproof electrical box and cover filled with GL.iNET (GL-MT300N-V2) Mini Smart Router and a Anvision POE Splitter5V. have POE Switch that I ran Cat5 cable from to the Weatherproof box about 150ft away from house.(Plan to Extend farther, 1st trial) Cat 5 to splitter/Splitter provides Ethernet and Power to Mini Router/ USB plug on Router provides power to Camera. Set all this up inside NEAR my Main Router/Camera linked to Mini Router Wifi (Which is 2G). Took outside and installed on tree Perfect! (Camera is in aftermarket case and mounted directly to the weatherproof box) Run with it! Like I said may overheat router and slitter get WARM!