V2 Cam - WPA2 Pre-Shared key / password / passphrase

Just an FYI and tip to everyone out there. My v2 CAMs (current firmware v4.9.6.199) will not connect to my network if my WPA2 pre-Shared key / password / passphrase (whatever you want to call it) contains a space as the last character. I was banging my head on the wall typing it over and over with failed connections every time.

I then removed the trailing space from the pre-shared key on my access point and attempted to connect my v2 CAMs to the WiFi network again. They then connected without a problem on the first attempt.

For the record, other devices on my network had no issue having a space as the final character, but the WYZE v2 CAMS won’t authenticate properly if the last character in your WiFi password is a space.

Not a major deal, but I figured I would share just in case someone else is thinking about having a space as your final character in your passphrase.

By the way, I’m an Android user and the current app version is: v2.14.35


@Known1- Thanks for sharing this tip with the Community. Trailing spaces are a common bugaboo in text processing in general. Some code will delete them automatically, but not all.


Good catch - thanks for sharing.
This is not unique to Wyze. Lots of devices have some interesting restrictions. Over the years, I have seen all kinds of odd restrictions with various characters that could not be used as part of a SSID or password. Usually it is not documented so you get to tear your hair out trying to figure out what it did not like.

Yeah I hear ya. Unfortunately, after 20+ years in IT I don’t have much hair to spare. :slight_smile: