V2 Cam Went Nuts after 1 Day - Support Not Responding...

Ticket #122182

After 1 day in use, my unit went offline. After attempting to power clear and then factory reset when the first power clear attempt failed… the unit seems to have a mind of its own when I try to power it up. Sometimes it will shut right back off, sometimes it will go constant yellow light and not respond, sometimes it will blink yellow, start to setup and then shut off… it’s really strange.

Anyway, please help

How long since you submitted the ticket? I know they are backlogged at least several days.

Wednesday 9/26

Give it some time, or you can try phone support.

Their support is terrible tried calling and get a message your wait is two minutes so 10 minutes go by and then recording says no help available call back again

Still no response… guess I’ll have to call.

wrote letter to CEO Yun Zhang to tell him about terrible phone service and as of yet no response so what kind of service is this to the customers