V2 Cam suddenly lost network connectivity

I’ve had a v2 camera on a wall for about 3 years without moving it. I’ve had the same internet service, same router etc. My v2 has the latest firmware (same as another also) and suddenly this week it’s lost it’s ability to stay connected to my network. It’s probably on the edge of the wireless range but it always worked. Anyone any idea why it would decide to stop working with a network it’s worked on all this time?

Done the usual: restart cam and router etc

Everything deteriorates. Could be aging circuits, corroding antenna, new radio interference from other devices, new firmware using more resources… Does it start working fine when closer to a router/AP?


It’s clearly a network issue because I put another camera in the same spot and it does the same thing. Works fine nearer the router and in fact even works fine further away! Very weird

Probably a network dead spot or conflict with another nearby router. Do you have anyway to scan your wifi to see what other routers/hotspots might be interfering? Do you have a new neighbor who might have installed something that interferes with your signal?

All these kind of cameras seem to have weak or picky WiFi. I recently resurrected a couple of cameras outside and I was getting nothing but trouble until I raised my second Access Point just a couple of feet onto a cabinet. Helped a lot and I’m getting steady feeds now.