V2 cam is offline. Due this I can’t install Wyze sense

I bought the home starter kit. I installed the V2 camera. The camera never went online. Always appears offline. Due this I can’t install the Wyze Sense. It’s asking me to make sure cam is online. I can’t get it to be online. The firmware is upgraded. If I click on the cam I can watch live stream. But never says it’s online. I tried resetting the camera, I tried deleting the camera, I did the installation process like 5 times already. This is annoying because I would love to be able to install the Wyze Sense too. Please help me!


I don’t know why But I have one camera that I cannot get to go online if it goes off-line in the room that it’s supposed to be in. if I take it to another room delete it and re-added it goes online and it works perfectly and then I take it back to the original room that I wanted it to work in plug it in and it works fine. So my advice is try taking it to another room deleting it from the app and starting from scratch and see if that helps