V1 lens upgrade failed

Well it seemed like a good idea; I purchased 2 new V3 cams to replace my 2 original V1 cams, and wanted to test an application idea that required me to change the lens to a zoom (Amazon.com).

Using other links to guide my disassembly, it was an easy process to get to the guts of the cam and remove the lens, and then install the new zoom lens.

FIRST problem. The wifi antenna cable broke away from the integrated antenna taped to the inside of the cam enclosure. Dang. Ordered an antenna package (https://amzn.to/38oqjgq) and it arrived within a day. But, the camera would NOT connect to the wifi, so I was unable to see anything? Did I accidentally hit the reset button? Please say no…

SECOND problem. So I feel I am forced to do a reset. Reinstalled the original lens, hooked up the speaker, and now using the new antenna. I realize that the focus of the QR code is going to be an issue. I screwed the original lens in, beyond what I “think” was the original position. Then, ¼ turn at a time, I started to draw the lens “out”, each time testing the camera setup for QR code recognition. Thirty minutes later, and still failing, I’m confident that the camera lens focus is beyond the correct point.


So I went to my 2nd Wyze Cam V1 and measured the height of the lens relative to the PC board (7.7mm), and used that value to restore the original lens to what I think will be the correct height and focus. And it worked. First time. Finally, abit of luck.

But it would NOT connect to my network; nothing has changed there (SSID/passwd the same), but the cam stated it could NOT find the network name. (Yes, its there - confirmed by phone)

So I dug into my 2nd V1 Cam to “borrow” its antenna. That did NOT solve the wifi connection problem. Then I did a reset on the 2nd V1 Cam (and restored its antenna). And, guess what, it will no longer connect to my local network. Same behavior. Cant find the SSID. BTW, I connected the new V3 Cams successfully to my network.

Anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?

(BTW, the 1st V1 Cam status light is flashing blue. The 2nd V1 Cam status light is completely off [makes me think the blue LED as failed])


You’ve probably just fallen victim to the same problem I reported in my thread here. Seems like no V1 cameras are able to reconnect right now and just stay at the status light flashing blue.