V1 just stopped working

I know it stopped working the day of the new upgrade cause I have two v1s. One of them upgraded with no problem. When I went to view what was on the other camera, I received the Upgrade notice. So I instructed it to do it, even though the other camera already had the new version on it. However, the app kept telling me the camera was not connected. I kept trying and trying to no avail. Then I just tried to reestablish the connection by doing a rescan of the QR. Tried and tried. Sometimes it would tell me it scanned it, other times it wouldn’t ‘say’ anything. Let it sit overnight. Next day, I tried again. Hold the button when plugging in, hold the button after plugging in. Now it won’t even scan the QR. Yellow light flashes, yellow light stays on. It’s basically dead.

Try resetting and reflashing as described here:




Followed instructions. Didn’t take long to scan QR code. But still times out, will not connect.