Using Wyze cams via WiFi with Galaxy Note 9

Sorry Wyze as I was getting frustrated with dropped connections and was blaming Wyze. Turns out my Galaxy Note 9 has a known problem with dropping wifi connections in certain situations. Everytime I checked the 2.4 ghz connection on my Galaxy Note 9 I would see that wifi was properly connected, yet on multiple occassions the cameras would not connect. Upon closer investigation, the Galaxy Note 9 was randomly dropping the wifi connection only to reconnect later. I have cleared the wifi cache on my phone (recommended fix) and so far so good. The 2.4ghz wifi connection on phone is stable so the Wyze cameras are stable. Fingers crossed


Do you mind if I move this to #tips-and-tricks with a title that alludes to the solution?


Ok, sure


good call on the update. this will help many people troubleshoot!!!