Using Wyze App updates

After viewing the complaints about Wyze updates and my personal experience, I would give this tip:

When Wyze tells you that you have a “New Update” to load.
Ignore it for a few days and wait to see what the Wyze Community has to say about it, especially if your cams are working OK at the present time.

Case in point: My Pan Cam is working fine. Based on the community comments, I won’t be updating it anytime soon.

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But, I’ve updated 2 Pan and 6 V2 cameras and they’re working fine.
I don’t know why this update has effected devices so differently.

Yes, but that is the same as some updates and Wyze has admitted as much.
I’m just waiting for the fallout to subside. I don’t fancy climbing up a ladder to get my Pan Cam to re-flash it.