Using Other Smart Switches/Buttons with Wyze Products


Could I use other smart switch/button brands to control the lights of a Wyze floodlight? I cannot use a Wyze switch because the nearest switch is part of a multi-way switch setup and Wyze switches cannot be used as multi-way switches.

Other suggestions are welcomed too.

Depends on your definition of “use.” IFTTT, Alexa and Google allow you to mix and match products from various ecosystems. I use Wyze, YoLink, TP Link/KASA and Z-wave products to control lights. But you cannot do it without one of the services I listed.

You can use a wyze plug to control your wyze floodlight. You can make the plug button essentially be the on and off with automation. I have this setup to turn on my floodlight pro “for 10 minutes and then turn back off” when a person is detected. Note that you don’t plug anything into the plug when using it this way, it’s just the status of the plug you are using in the automation logic