Using a diffuser with the air-puifier

I’m using the air-purifier but was wanting use a diffuser with oils. What is the best practice? Can I use both at the same time? Should I turn off the air-purifier while I use the diffuser? Any advice would be welcome.

The air purifier laser just detects any particles in the air without distinguishing between different kinds of particles. It will even detect humidifiers putting water particles into the air

The filter itself does capture pretty small particles, including gasses so I am sure it would also filter out essential oils diffused into the air in water particulates.

Thus, my recommendation is to either pause the air purifier or put it on low or sleep.

One possible benefit of running both at the same time, is if you have them far enough apart from each other and the filter low enough, maybe the filter will help to pull some of the essential oils around the room. :man_shrugging:

I still think it’s best to pause the air purifier or put it on a low sleep setting.


Thanks. That is kind of what I’m thinking.


Just point of confirmation. I have my rules set up for the air purifier to turn one when I get home. With the diffuser running, it drove the purifier into overdrive. It best to leave off.


No surprise in the least, but I’m glad to hear a follow-up confirmation. :+1: