User-supplied photos for sensor thumbnails instead of generic image/icons

Love the new Wyze Sensors - would like to be able to customize how they look on the home screen of the Wyze app. I know I can sort the devices into any order I want - and group them (but not sensors).

Maybe allow the user to upload a photo for each sensor (like front door, garage, dryer, fridge, etc). So instead of a bunch of icons of sensors, the user’s photo for that sensor would appear on the Home screen of the app.

Thanks for listening!


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I agree with @deholz Re the use of user-supplied images for each camera thumbnail on the Home screen. I would not want to change the Event thumbnails, though.


I have the Wyze Cam and I love the product and have bought it for many friends. I use it for my baby camera so it’s very important and Wyze has impressed us the past 2 years.

BUT when the cam loads on my app sometimes it will show the last video imagine it captures. THIS IS TERRIFYING!!!

Imagine opening up the app after putting your baby down to sleep and she’s gone?!?!? (See pic below!) Or checking on her at 3AM and there’s an adult looking over her?!?!? (See pic below!) I have nearly had heart attacks over this default loading pic. Please change it!!! I beg you!

Change it to the company logo. Change it to a choice of my option. Anything but the last image captured. I can’t be the only parent who has ran to the room OR said, “Oh S#*%!” in the middle of the night, OR nearly RKOd a ghost at 3AM because this thing has led me to believe my greatest fear was coming true. Please help!


There should be a way to use custom images for the icons in the home menu. For example, I have 6 plugs that control different lamps and objects throughout the house all with the same icon - the plug icon. I would like to use custom images instead to quickly differentiate between all the switches. This way I could take a picture of my lamp, fan, and other electronics that are plugged into the plugs. It seems like this should already be something I can do but I’ve searched through the settings and forums for this feature.

This is a fantastic idea! I wonder why it doesn’t have more traction?


At a minimum, Wyze should provide a number of generic icons, such as bedside table lamp, floor lamp, fan, air conditioner, garage door, Christmas tree, radio, TV, etc.

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