User level access records of access or feature change for shared devices

I agree with all the requests for per user permissions. I would like to expand that beyond just per user permissions to per user records.

Let me better explain what I mean. Anybody that is familiar with how modern network access and admin privileges and user privileges typically works knows that one of the first things that is implemented in a network is per user access records. So in the context of Wyze cameras what I mean is, each time one of the users you’ve given access to your cameras does anything with your camera, to include even just opening their app and accessing the shared cameras live feed and watching it or listening to audio or even any changes they make to the settings of the shared camera. Any of those activities a shared user performs should be logged every time it’s done by any user including the admin or owner. Why this becomes important is it helps you to know if you are sharing your cameras with a large number of people who did what and when they did the action. Having these access records allows you the Admin to know potentially who changed the feature and when they did it as well as knowing who’s listening in on your conversation perhaps or if they did as well as who’s watching your camera and when. At least in my case when I gave others the ability to access my cameras I still forget sometimes that the cameras are there. If I’m talking about a sensitive subject or perhaps discussing with someone else in the room a gift you want to give one of your shared users and you have forgotten about the camera recording everything then that shared user might hear your conversation and that could totally ruin a surprise simply because you forgot about the camera. By having records of each users access to the live feed or a log as well of anything they change in the settings you would at least know whether your secret is “Out of the bag”. Or it may help the Admin/Owner track down who keeps changing a setting and messing things up. Especially if you have several users you’ve given access to your camera too and some of which are not very tech savvy. So this feature which should be much easier to implement and usually is already implemented in most networks would at least give the admin/owner some User level logging features before Wyze is able to program User level controls.

The reason I even bought the Wyze cameras in the first place was I felt like they would be much easier for some of my non-tech savvy family to be able to access and they are relatively inexpensive. I’m handicapped and I recently had major back surgery. So giving family access to those cameras including one in my bedroom was to give them peace of mind since they couldn’t be physically with me 24 hours a day while I am recovering . My father is in his late 70’s and has to take care of my mother since she has needed his help as her health has faded as they have aged. My sister works a full time job and my daughter is in high school. I spend several hours a day alone with no ability to get out of bed without help. So these cameras are also for my own safety. Unfortunately though because there is no user logging it makes it hard to know who accessed what when and/or who changed what settings. Many times those who are not tech savvy don’t even realize they have changed something in the settings. I also think that this feature would be a lot easier to implement than user level access controls and at the very least would allow the admin/owner to know who did what and when they did it.

Unfortunately because of the way these cameras work and I didn’t know this prior to purchasing them you have no control over what individual users can access and you have no log of their activities either. This user level log could be easily implemented within the app itself even as an unencrypted text file that then could be queried by the camera owners app to keep a “Master log.” In their app.

Hopefully Wyze sees this request and implements at the very least user level logging until they can give us user level controls.

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User accessible logs / action logs

Would be great to be able to troubleshoot, or see what actions were pressed by what user.
This way we can figure out if someone is pressing a function or if the device is potentially defective saving support time.

I am in complete agreement. Have family member in the same situation (not fully self-sufficient) who will remain alone for parts of the day and it’s important to be able to check on them often, myself and my sisters are doing it for a family member and I am also doing together with my wife for my in-laws. Having record to access is also a question of safety and security because in case one of us accidentally leaked the credentials and someone is logging into the account. That would alert us and as soon as we find out it wasn’t any of us (like someone accessing at night and was none of us) then we could immediately change the password and restore security.