User defined detection area

Why can’t we make our own detection area. I have to cut out a lot because of your formatted square. Please make this an option on all 9 of my ver. 3 cams.

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Just confirming you are talking about the v3 camera? And you are looking for something other than the rectangle detection zone?

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I just purchased a couple of Wyze V3 cams:

-The box/rectangle has a minimum size (so I can’t make it small enough.
-Is there a way to block out areas in the detection zone?*****

The last time I used detection zones was in 2001 and even then I was able to fully customize the detection zones by blocking out areas here and there.
I read that v2 has custom detection zones…

Is the iOs version different than the android version for this?******
Is there a beta for v3 that will work for this?******