User adjustable time/length for pre-roll (pre-event) and post-roll (post-event) buffers

I also have a Foscam (Cube C1-v2) camera the settings look like the picture i inserted. ALL security camera’s have this feature from high end Avigilon to the lo end (Hikvision) . The free dvr apps like ContaCam, iSpy and even yawcam all have this feature. I’m sorry if you didn’t understand the question but it would be better if you did ask one of your developers or a sales manager they’ll know. I didn’t even realize that Wyze didn’t have the feature until i read this post and i thought no way.


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Hi, @cometothedarkside4it. Not sure if you are addressing me, but I’m not a Wyze employee, I’m a volunteer mod. If you are interested in this feature being added, then please vote at the top left so Wyze can gauge interest in it. :slight_smile:

Pre-recording will help you understand the event better.
I have a wye Cam v3.
I have noticed that at times, the trigger event is not recorded in the video.
I have watched the screen and the trigger is from the car headlights that hit the snow, it shows the car a second later down the road, when there are no headlights in the detection zone.
Pre-recording would also allow a better understanding of the event, before the object enters the detection zone.
An example would be a busy street, you box out (grey block areas) the busy street in your detection zone screen so you don’t get constant alarms, there is a car accident, the car enters your yard and it hits your house. You would only see what happened when it entered the detection zone. You would not see the cause of the accident. With pre-recording set to a user setting of 1 to 12 seconds, let’s say, you could see the actual cause because it would record the events that happened in the detection zone (grey block areas), 1 to 12 seconds ahead of the trigger event.

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Pre-motion recording

Would be nice to be able to specify a number of seconds before “detection” to record. Sometimes by the time motion is detected, something has already happened. Would be nice to be able to record several seconds before the detection triggered.

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Pre roll feature

Request to add a pre roll feature for all cameras

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Buffering CMC Events to Show Entire Trigger (V1, V2 and Pan)

So I notice yesterday when someone came into the garage, the event video started after the person was well within the room. I am paying for the service for the camera, and while it seems there is a buffer for after the event. It seems like there isn’t one towards the start.

So for those of us that is paying for the service, I would like to see a buffer of 5 to 10 seconds before the event starts. This hopefully being enough time to see what the camera didn’t see as event worthy for a few seconds, and it gives some context towards prior to the event.

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Which camera? I thought the V1s and V2s more or less work that way already. The WCOs do not, since they do not even turn on their camera sensor until after the PIR motion detector gets triggered…

I was talking about the V1 and V2

Pre-roll and post-roll

Need better pre and post roll for free users of cloud. Events do not show properly without better management of pre and post roll recordings.

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Adjustable amount of time to record before & after motion is detected

I live on a large property, and the camera isn’t sensitive enough to detect motion unless the object is quite close to the camera. I need to see the approach and departure as well. With my Cam v3 and Cam Plus, when motion is detected, it immediately starts recording a video to Cam Plus. The video continues recording for about 20 seconds after motion is no longer detected. I’d like to be able to control the length of time that video gets saved both BEFORE motion is detected and AFTER motion disappears. The critical part is before motion, since there is almost always important activity to be seen before the camera decides it’s significant enough to record. I want to see about 5-10 seconds of action that led up to the motion event.

Pre event recording

Please consider including 2-3 seconds of pre-event recording on detected events to ensure you capture the entire event. Often, the recording missed the event if is a short event through a detection zone. Best case on all recordings, the playback is well into the event at the beginning of the recording.

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