Would be okay if the firmware actually worked with an ASUS Android 5.0 tablet. Takes many multiple attempts to connect, Features are slow to react, if at all. Constantly drops the connection. Simply a plethora of problems requiring excessive time and patience to get this POS up and running. Forget doing a shutdown or changing the MICRO SD card. It may take hours to get it up and running again, Absolutely zero predictability on what it’s going to do next. Turns on night vision on its own. Does a lot of things on its own. LOL! Save your pennies and buy a truly functional camera.

I gave it a 3-week chance to prove its worth. Reloaded the app, everything by the book and it simply does not do as it should.

Though nice lens. Good clean view if you can ever get it up and running.

Jeez, they’re making me do backflips just to post this.

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Follow up. Deleted the app. Reloaded. So far so better. Time will tell.



Ha Ha! Luv it. Kind of like WIN98… gotta diddle with it, cross yer fingers, repeat. Otherwise, cool little cam for the $. After reinstalling the app for the 6th time it’s holding its settings with no signal loss. Prior to that I had to plug / unplug multiple times just to get basic startup functionality.

Instinct tells me with all the griping they cleaned up the firmware.

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LOL. accurate. i completely agree. once you figure out how to “trick” it into doing what you want, they run pretty well for a while before inexplicably glitching out and requiring a power cycle.

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