Use to be able to access my camera tfhrough my Ipod

Used to be able to access camera with my Ipod.
But somehow it won’t let me get in anymore.
I updated my Ipod to the current version that’s when I lost my ability to access the camera.
I even uninstall the App and re install it again,
But still didn’t work…
It keeps telling me Log in Error
Problem connecting to server
What the heck is happening… It’s been almost a month that I’ve been trying to get this to work???
What is going on with your server not working with Ipod???

there appears to be an AWS outage at this time. Wyze is looking into it

One more thing to consider is if you are using Wyze App version 2.38 or higher.

What’s going on Wyze…12/01/2023
After I did the recomended updates all my 8 cameras went offline…:-1::-1::-1:

Try to clear the cache on the app mine worked
Go to Account >app settings >clear cache.
Its still show offline on the app but i can access sttings and everything

There was an AWS Outage which caused the issue.