Use multiple triggers to start an action

What I’m looking for is more granular controls for shortcuts. I find them a bit too simplistic for actual automation.

For example, I setup 2 new bulbs in our master bedroom. I also added a motion sensor to the room. Now, I can set a shortcut to turn in the bulbs when the motion sensor is triggered, and I can set a shortcut to turn them off when the sensor is clear. But this trigger is not time dependent, and having lights turn on when I get up at 3am will lead to my wife murdering me (which is totally fair). It would be ideal to have the motion sensor trigger the light to turn in only between the hours of 6pm and 10pm, for example.

Shortcuts allow me to have a time trigger OR a device trigger, but not BOTH. IFTTT isn’t any help here, as it has the same limitation (as far as I can determine).

Also, timer actions for bulbs would be great. For example, if a person is detected at a camera, the associated bulb would run on for 5 minutes then turn off.

Having a more full-featured triggering scenario is central to automation. As it stands, the limitations on shortcuts isn’t automation, but rather a convenience gimmick.

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