Use in college classroom?

I teach presentation skills in one of my college classes and would like to video my students so that they can see and critique their own performance when it is played back to them. I have trouble doing this with my phone while having to focus on their presentation in real time. It seems that continuous filming with Wise Cam could be a good option.

Do you think this would be an effective use for Wyze Cam? What software would I need to edit the recordings so that they can be saved for each individual student?

thanks for your advice

Yes, I think this would be an effective use for Wyze Cam

You could just use Live View ,in the app , tap record button for manual record, when you stop the recording the video will be saved to the album , your album is stored on your device , (phone ,tablet) from your album you can do what ever you want with the video .

When you start and then stop recording, in the app ,each individual recording will be saved to the album.

Go with a Wyze cam V2 instead of a Pan cam

Get a few micro sd cards and swap them out for each class. Then you could edit them with VLC Player easily

From what I understand , there is a problem with sound while trying to play back video from the SD card on a pc.

I haven’t tried it , but have done what’s in my other post, it works great

I tested it out last night ,(because I was Curious) recording continuous on SD card , playing back on pc, I had no problem with sound , but what you get is a series of 1 minute clips (see screen shot ) you can load multiple files in VLC player and play them in succession but I’m not sure this would work well for what you want to do , what I posted in my first post I think would . but for that, you have to keep the app running ,(keep your phone active) if the app shuts off , recording will stop, I set my phone for 10 minutes, screen time out , just before the 10 min tap screen and you get another 10 min of recording, so you have one solid video, tap the stop button in app to stop recording, then vid is automatically saved to album .

Then you can share the vid to email, Bluetooth , etc , but with ES File explorer app on my phone , I was able to save it directly to my external drive, and ,or to my NAS that are on my home network . Ha , cool ! , I didn’t know I could do that ?? ES File Explorer is a great app , been using it for years.




Thank you for testing this and giving me your feedback and guidance. I’m afraid it sounds like it might be too complicated for my purposes but I’m going to look at your suggestions more closely. Thanks again!

Hay 25 bucks , you could give it a try , if it doesn’t work out you can use it to watch your pet from work .

I think you will find after you try it out, it’s not that complicated

Wondering ,What do you use to play back the video you record on your phone?

You could just plug your phone into pc and ply the video from your wyze cam album