Use Android Studio for Wyze on PC

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The Wyze app works flawlessly under Bluestacks. There are lots of game ads, but not when you’re using an app. It’s free. It works without any configuration.

Bluestacks only shows you ads when you’re looking at the desktop, not when there’s an app in the foreground. Further, there are tools out there that allow you to root Bluestacks, and you can do anything you want to it, including removing the ads.

Try Bluestacks. That works well for me, and includes the Play Store.

Welcome to the forum.

Bluestacks is well known in the forum. Someone posts the suggestion about once a month. :slightly_smiling_face:

Although @crash23 has only confirmed to me that I want nothing to do with Bluestacks. Ads are bad and apparently Bluestacks is infested with them.

I am comfortably using Android Studio, with Pixel 4 installed as the VD.
The thing I have about it is that it’s taken 12GB on my hard drive - just the base Android Studio and that one Pixel 4 emulator.

It’s a big download at over 900 MB and is said to be sluggish on modest performance PCs. The idea of a foreign app using a Google logon (standard emulators) isn’t really worse than running them on a non-Google brand phone, IMO.

No major ads in BlueStacks from what I’ve seen. My only problem with it is speed of initial loading, and my Wyze Cam v3 won’t show the “Time Lapse” button in the “More” menu, while (oddly) other Wyze cam versions do.

Does Android Studio work on Windows 10 computers that have enabled Hyper-V?

I tried Bluestacks and it is a catch 22. If you use Bluestacks it says you have to disable Hyper-V. If you use Bluestacks Hyper-V it will start Wyze but will not connect to camera (tech support says it won’t run Wyze).