Use an email to trigger Cam Pan to turn on/off

I have one cam-pan configured and would like to add more (many more). Before I commit to the investment I wanted to know if it is possible (IFTTT?) to use an email with a specific subject (e.g. “Armed Away”) to triger the cameras to turn on/off. (i.e. turn on when alarm system is armed, turn off when alarm system is disarmed). Is anyone aware of an applet that i can configure to pull this off? My alarm system (honeywell total connect 2) isnt on IFTTT but was curious if there was a workaround to use an email as a trigger to turn on/off.

Really impressed with the quality and integrations…really excited to see this product line continue to evolve. Appreciate any insight the community can share. Thank you.

Yes, you can do that. You will have to create the applet yourself, but that’s not hard. See the Triggers at the bottom of this page: Get Started - IFTTT

The email has to come from the email address of your IFTTT account. It can be any email or you can make it respond to only emails with a certain hashtag in the subject.

If you are going to rely on an email that the Honeywell generates, you’ll have to create a server side rule with your email service that forwards it from your (IFTTT) email address and adds the hashtag if needed.


Thank you Loki!

I am so so close, but am held up at the “create a server side rule with your email service”. I am using Gmail and it doest allow forwarding to unverified accounts and cannot configure recipients in the gmail canned responses. Is there another email client you would recommend? Id be happy to tee up a slave email to do this task. Again, thank you very much for your help.

I didn’t know that about gmail. (I run my email through my own domain’s exchange server.) Most email clients will allow you set up a forwarding rule locally. But that would require that you leave the client running all the time. If that’s not a problem, then I’d think almost any computer-based email client would work.

Welp I am struggling with the email configuration…I have downloaded outlook and configured the rules and templates to my best ability and just cant get it to work consistently. Yes, it did work a couple of times (turned off/on wyze via template response to an email from my alarm provider). But now not working…strange. I am guessing its a gmail restriction but will keep digging and let everyone know how it goes. In the interim i am using a geo-fence to turn on/off wyze but really would like to get this working as it will unlock a lot more of my homes cross-automations.

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UPDATE: I have solved what I have been attempting to do (turn on cam(soon to be cams) when honeywell lyric security system is armed). The honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is on IFTTT (not sure how i missed this the first time around). So do not require the email triggering another email to perform this task.

Although i am pleased to have “unlocked” this function within IFTTT…the ability to connect any device that is not currently on IFTTT but sends an email is still not solved (for me). Hope this helps other TC 2.0 users integrate their security systems with Wyze.

Hi yusefkhan,

I have an applet in total connect 2.0 so when I arm my Honeywell lyric alarm, my water leak detector is set to “away mode”. When I come home and disarm the alarm, my second applet supposed to set me as At “home” for the water detector. The second applet worked for a while but has now stopped working and tells me that I have missing fields from the drop down menu of Honeywell alarm trigger. I have tried all sorts of ways to fix this but it does not trigger. Total connect and IFTTT have not been helpful. Do you have applet for “disarm” trigger and whether it is working.