Usb port on vacuum?

Anyone know what this little guy is for?

I suspect it is for manually updating firmware and/or diagnostics.

Attachment for future mop is my guess…

I was wondering about that too judging by how the bottom shell has tabs molded into it in the rear. I wonder if you could use it to steal power for a camera and let it ride around on the vac too, haha

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Is there a way to update this firmware via the USB port. I have a robot that is a brick right now because I can’t connect to the vacuum through the app. Wyze sent out a new vacuum but did not take this one back. I thought if I could get this to connect and update the firmware. I could have two vacuums working. I imagine there is a button combination that enables the USB port. I attached my PC, but nothing happened.

Have you tried doing a Factory Reset? Here is what is in the manual:

I did this once to see about fixing my WiFi issue. However, pressing once for 5 seconds, getting the announcement seemed to fix my connection issue. But you can continue and press the button again for 5 seconds to initiate a factory reset.

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