URGENT: Masks do not meet the stated standard

The masks I received after ordering this last time through Wyze’s Amazon store (Amazon.com) do not meet the stated standard. The enclosed Statement of Conformity describes them (in Chinese) as non-medical masks. The masks are claimed in the Amazon listing to meet a medical standard (YY/T0969-2013) which is stated (here: http://english.nmpa.gov.cn/2020-03/30/c_467202.htm) to be PPE for coronavirus.

Previous masks I have ordered in the same manner included a Statement of Conformity that indicated that they ARE medical masks.

The listing needs to be pulled urgently, and customers who’ve ordered them need to be informed of the non-conformity.

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This is a user forum. You should contact WYZE directly.


Interesting. I purposely ordered the non-medical version (because of the nose clip) directly from iHealth and it DOES indicate that conformance…

When you buy from Amazon make sure WYZE is the seller. There are many knock offs in that same listing to claim to be WYZE masks but are sold by [fill in the blank] shady company.

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No idea what’s going on but Mike’s link is the first Amazon hit for “Wyze mask”, seems to be the right URL, but the seller is “LOngra” with an atrocious 46% satisfaction rating


Again, in the listing always make sure to click on the link that says “other sellers on Amazon” and pick Wyze as the seller. All the others are fakes.

It’s practically impossible. The “other sellers” doesn’t appear at all in mobile view. I switch to desktop view and 3-4 others show up, none of them Wyze. Then I click again to see all sellers and start scrolling and scrolling.

Finally, finally, Wyze themselves are the second to last seller listed!

Humans will not get to the right place.

While, this is frustrating. Unfortunately, it is an Amazon issue not a Wyze issue. I would report it to Amazon.

Not my problem. In my opinion it’s Wyze’s problem since it’s their reputation and literal income involved. I’ve been buying masks elsewhere based on Wyze’s endorsement.

That sounds like WYZE’s attitude toward Amazon Canada selling their products. They seem to think they are powerless and big bad Anazon is doing it against their will.
Sorry, not picking on you, just had a flashback. :slightly_smiling_face: