uploading to YouTube from within the Wyze app (failed)

There appears to be a bug uploading to YouTube from within the Wyze app. If you are in your Videos Album, and, click the “Share” link, you then can select “YouTube”. However, this fails with the message shown in the pic, which is a message from the YouTube app.

However, also on my same Android, if I go to my Gallery, and, select the same video, and, choose to share to YouTube, this works almost instantly. This implies my YouTube app is working correctly, but the Wyze app has some sorta bug.

Am i the only one getting this error message?


I have no problem uploading videos from my album to my youtube account linked to gmail. I’m uploading very short clips. Is your clip a timelaps or big clip?


Thank you for replying.

The clips are short 10 second videos specifically created for testing the upload. My clips must be short cuz I must “Share” the clip to my email program first (video files attached to emails can’t be big)… so that the clip can then be saved in the “Gallery” of my Android HTC M8… where it can then be shared to YouTube.

I hope a Wyze employee sees this post and can re-create this issue, so that it can get resolved #headscratcher

EDIT- I have now created a wyzecam support ticket for this issue.


I am also confirming that I experience the same problem in uploading videos to YouTube from the Wyze app on Android. This occurs with a OnePlus 5T.