Updating Firmware on Pan Cam

I have 3 Pan Cams and 2 different firmware versions among them. It is vital they stay up and working because I use them to keep an eye on my sweet old mother who is a fall risk among other health concerns. I’ve read the reviews on Amazon saying the firmware updates bricked their cameras and there was no way back (and then some complaints about customer service/support). I cannot afford to brick my cameras. These reviews are older and the firmware version appears to be a later version than the one complained about on Amazon. So, my question is whether it is finally safe to upgrade the cameras to the latest firmware version that the app on my iPhone is telling me to use or should I just keep clicking through the message? Mother lives at home with us, so I do have physical access to the cameras and would perform the update while home. Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

@bigwinner Most of the Amazon reviews are old and out of date. I updated my Cam Pan and haven’t experienced any issues. I’m currently using FW v4.10.5.89. You shouldn’t have any problems. You can always update one cam at a time if you feel uneasy about it or leave them on the current firmware if they’re working ok.


I have 19 cans, five of which are pans. I’ve never had one bricked. I just batch updated all, and had no problems. Everything is working.
If you do have concerns I would second @StopICU33’s suggestion to single step or stay where you are.
If proximity and $$ allow you might consider an additional cam as a backup and updating one at a time with an always working backup ready in reserve.


Well, I updated them one at a time. Two of them are OK. The oldest one is not. It almost constantly resets. It turns around and then the light blinks just like it does when you initially set it up. It does this very often - only minutes apart from the last time. It is rendering the camera almost useless.

I have tried everything I can think of: remove the SD card, restart the device, turn it off - leave it off for a bit - turn it back on, unplug the power cord and plug it back in after a short while, delete the device from the app and then re-add it, and restart it from the app. Nothing works! It may as well be a brick.

Someone please advise me what to do to get this fixed.

Exchange it?

Did you contact Wyze Support?

Hi @bigwinner. This sounds like a possible power issue. You could try the following, if you haven’t already.

  • Check connections at both ends of the power cord to make sure they’re secure
  • Temporarily use one of the power dongles and power cords from one of the good Pans on the problem camera. If the problem stops, then you have either a bad cord or power dongle.

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