Updates, some pan do some pan don't

I have 3 Wyze cam pans. 2 units updated from to while 1 unit stated N/A and does not update. Why?

From what I see, you have two cameras not updated. Kitchen camera is not with the Latest version neither the Family Room camera with

The N/A is when your camera is off.

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Thank you for prompt response.

Are there more than one version of the Pan camera?
One of them is recently showing error -90 without changes in its environment. It works without fault to a month.

That … I do not know. I’m a beginner as well but I tend to pick up things pretty quickly since I’m an computer engineer. I am having the same issue with the updates as well.

Cool. I appreciate you picking up what’s happening.

By the way is there a way of changing the default recording time from 12 seconds to longer whenever a camera is triggered by sound or motion I want a longer recording once it’s triggered


The 12 second recording goes to the cloud.
With an SD card you can record continuous, have the event reported to the cloud.
When an event happens, for example a car drives by, you can note the time then review the continuous recording and select a larger window of time to record. So you can view minutes before and after the event, but at the moment I would call it kludgy.