Updates for Wyze Cam Unlimited - 5/9/2024

Hello everyone!

We have some new updates for Wyze Cam, including the new Multi-Camera Timeline and Cam Unlimited.


Is Multi-Cam Timeline 4 cams max (four that you assign) or is it 4 cams at a time (which you can swipe between?)

The use case described in the video is something I do fairly often, so not a trivial feature, I’d say.

Because this depends on solid internet connectivity (to serve the stored cloud footage) versus solid WiFi connectivity (to serve live footage from cams to router) it’s probable the experience will be more stable than the 4-cam live view currently is.

If you have (over)killer WiFi coverage (mesh or otherwise) your 4-cam live view is probably just fine. I find if you have a signal-weak cam in an otherwise strong-signal group, it seems to degrade the stable connectivity of the whole quartet.

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From the video, email and website it says Multi-Camera Timeline is available.

Is there an app update coming? Because I’m not seeing this function in the app now.

You can select 4 cameras from all your cameras. We are continue working on it so be able to swipe between different 4 cam groups is definitely on our list.


Hi, munkiinut. The app version is required to be 2.50 or above. If you do have the latest app and you are still not seeing it on the monitoring tab, it’s possible that the rollout is still taking time to be fully completed. Let me know if you still can’t see it by the end of today. Thanks!

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Found it in the monitoring tab.

I’ve never used that tab. I thought it was just for the home security.


Congrats on breaking the cash flow positive barrier!

No small feat. :+1:


How about landscape view on iPad?



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This live icon is blocking the time.
But I guess I can live with it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Leave it to Wyze to mess up the GUI :rofl:


Edit: never mind I was wrong. I can see the rest of the updates even with HMS now. That’s really cool! It shows up with a little slider on the left side to open the multi-cam timeline


landscape view is next for sure! The aggregated timeline from 4 cameras is a brand new thing and has so many challenges, so we would like to get your opinions first before we do all the optimizations.


I was referring to years old wish list request to have a full landscape functionality on iPad, not just home page, live view and group view. Can’t be that hard to implement :thinking:

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Thanks carverofchoice! The new monitoring tab design includes:

  1. Self-monitoring security mode (home/away/disarm) with customized notification settings: available to Cam Unlimited users.
  2. Multi-camera timeline: should be available to all users except users who with HMS and Cam Protect will see their old designs with a new toggle like a camera icon to switch to the multi-camera timeline view.
  3. Event summary: should be available to all users (regardless of subscription status).
    So if you hasn’t seen the new monitoring tab and you are not a Cam Protect nor HMS users, it’s likely the rollout is still in progress. Let me know if you still can’t see it by the end of today. Thank you!

I will make sure my colleagues get this feedback on their lists.
Speaking of GUI, would you be interested in testing a combined UI with GUI and CUI (conversational UI)? :smile:


Thanks, but no thanks :slight_smile:

What about an ability to view the monitor tab on a large screen with more cameras? Four camera view is minimum but not very useful on a phone screen.

you can try my.wyze.com to see all your cameras on the web view.

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