Update Request: Enable Livestream Timeouts

I am sharing camera access with an idiot. He’s a good guy, but he is EXTREMELY NOT tech savvy and is prone to initiating a livestream and then putting his phone back in his pocket and going on about his day, allowing my cam to stream endlessly all day long.

He forgets to end the livestream, he never, ever, ever closes even a single app ever.

My Blink cameras have a useful popup which requires me to verify I am still watching every 30 seconds. But I cannot share Blink cameras, a ridiculous oversight IMO.

I see all the requests to extend live streaming on various devices for baby monitors and security, etc., so I’m probably the only user requesting a toggle switch allowing me to LIMIT the length of the livestream so it’s not on constantly because my my idiot friend.

Or at least, some pop-up to verify he’s still actually watching (which, I assure you, he is not, he’s just an idiot).

That’s a feature I would personally hate unless it had the option to disable it. In my case, I have wall mounted android tablets in two rooms that display my outside door and driveway 24/7. Having to click that I’m still here would ruin that for me unless, like I said it was optional.
On a side note, does him forgetting to close the stream effect you viewing it? It shouldn’t since I can do multiple viewers at one time.

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I think this should be added to the sharing options people are asking for, not something that would effect viewing by the camera owner.

In the meantime, remove your idiot friend’s share. :smile:

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His forgetting to close the livestream impacts my bandwidth usage :slight_smile: Data caps and so forth, not to mention begins to slow things down here for absolutely no reason.

I get it-- lots of users want to use these devices as though they were CCTV cameras. They’re not, They hog broadband when left streaming 24/7. Not a criticism (not interested in starting a flame war), just a difference in philosophy. The motion alerts are more than sufficient for me to take a peek at what’s happening, I personally don’t need to stare at an alley all day for no reason and would much rather not slow down broadband traffic for myself or my neighbors.

Similarly, a crying baby or who had turned over on her stomach, for example, would push out an alert to go check on the baby. I wouldn’t necessarily need to stare at the baby 24/7.

Okay, I think I answered my own question.

The livestream appears to cut off whenever you change focus on your device. For example, if you have a livestream open and then flip over to check your email, the streaming appears to stop. When you switch back to the livestream on the Wyze app, you can see it reconnect (quickly) and resume streaming–which suggests the streaming had stopped when you hid the app behind other apps.

So my thinking is my idiot friend won’t be that big a hassle b/c, yes, he’ll never close the app or turn off the livestream, but the camera won’t be burning up my bandwidth b/c he’ll likely be using other apps, having long forgotten about my livestream, which won’t stream in the background.

If anybody knows better, I’m all ears. Thanks for the feedback and input.