Update on Wyze In Response Orders & Shipping (May 12, 2020)

When will Canadians be able to order/ship from the site??

@roze, we’re sorry for the delay. Would you like for me to check on your order to see if it shipped yet? It should have gone out on Saturday. If it has run into a problem and has not shipped, I can process that refund for you.

@RoyG.Biv, your tracking number is saying that it was delivered yesterday. Is that correct?

@rlueke, I checked on your tracking number and it started updating this past weekend. I think they may have made your shipping label early. Sorry about that! It updated again today and is in transit.

@cuddybuilt, I responded to your support ticket number but I’ll put a copy of the response here to make sure you see it. I checked your order number and it looks like you hadn’t purchased the Wyze In Response items (thermometer, disposable mask, KN95 mask). These are the only orders that were upgraded to the USPS First Class delivery method. We apologize for the confusion caused by our Wyze In Response shipping update post and I’ll change the title to be more specific. We also apologize for the frustration you experienced with that shipping method and I’ll share your feedback with the team.

@BecRom, thanks for posting! Looks like your tracking stopped updating on 5/07. I’m assuming that your package is lost though we may find ourselves pleasantly surprised when it shows up later. However, I’ve processed a replacement order for you. It’s order 002559307.

@ideovideo, thanks for letting me know! I believe that order is lost so I created order 002559343 to replace it.

@wolfcorner, sorry for the waffling! I just checked on your tracking number and it says your order was delivered yesterday. Is that correct?

@RedBaron, sorry about that! I don’t have the access that is needed for this but I sent your order numbers over to someone that can get you past the review portion and send the refund. I’ll go close your ticket since I’m working on this.

@alwayscountrylivin, we are sorry about the communication and order difficulties you encountered! I checked and it looks like you ran into the closed order system problem from a bit ago. I don’t have the access to get to your refund but I requested that one of my coworkers with deeper access help out. That particular problem should not occur again and we apologize for the trouble you experienced.

@alan_erickson, our apologies! It looks like the order has been lost. I processed a replacement for you with order number 002559607.

@muerte33, wonderful! Thank you very much for letting me know. :slight_smile:

@flea, I don’t know the timeline for Canadian shipping yet but I know it’s something we’re still working on and making progress for.


Thank you for you help

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

[Wyze Ticket 599166] has my order info . Thanks. @WyzeGwendolyn

Do you realize the cancel link indicates no cancellations allowed? That is the same link I used on May 8th.

" Cancel My WYZE Masks

We now have KN95 mask in-stock and are now shipping. We are unable to cancel these orders now."

Order # 001905078
Page shows shipped on April 18 and in Packing on April 20. I had masks and a thermometer on the order. I received the masks but not the thermometer, There is nothing that mentions a backorder and no shipping tracking number. I sent messages to C/S twice, once I received a generic response and second time no response. Its OK if its backordered, I just want conformation that I will get it eventually. Thanks, Tom

I ordered masks in the initial release. They took most of a month to arrive, but I was able to track the problem to the ‘Smartpost’ process between FedEx and USPS. Wyze shipped in a timely fashion but when it was handed off between the two services a ‘delivery exception’ occurred, which I think is shipping talk for ‘’we don;’t know where it is’. Could not locate the package at all, just kept pushing out the delivery date, but it eventually did arrive.

Strange we seem to have a different order experiences ?
My 2 orders on 4/24 and 4/30 where also different.
Order on 4/24 had order confirmation after 3 days and Fedex Smart Post tracking after.
When Fedex updated the tracking it stop at shipment info sent to USPS.
11 days later I checked USPS by adding 92 in front of the FedEx tracking number.
2 days later my order arrived … 22 days to come !

My order on 4/30 got order confirmation instantly.
6 days later order shipped with FedEx tracking again.
The next day an email from Wyze that this order is delayed till May 11 th.
May 19 I received another email from Wyze with let order has shiped with a new USPS tracking number, shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Items.
Still waiting for this order to arrive…

Hi Gwendolyn
I haven’t recieved anything on my or as of yet. Can you please help me out?

I really do appreciate your efforts to get these moving, but… this is getting comical. The order you placed last Friday for the masks missing from my earlier shipment are still showing as “processing” and haven’t shipped. And you just sent out another email saying masks are in stock, ready to be shipped…
On the bright side, the other support ticket has been dealt with and shows as shipped yesterday. It’s not expected until next Tuesday so be aware Wyze may not be getting the “USPS First Class (1-3 business days)” service from the Post Office they’re paying for.



Hi Gwendolyn, somehow I got connected to someone else’s account by the name of canawler…
My account # 002255761
Can you please check into this? I haven’t gotten any word at all about the status of my order. Thank you!

Hi Gwendolyn, somehow I got connected to someone else’s account by the name of canawler…
My account # 002255761
Can you please check into this? I haven’t gotten any word at all about the status of my order. Thank you!

Whoa!!! What do you mean by “got connected to someone else’s account?” You’re able to access my Wyze account??

I was trying to get an answer from Wyze support and somehow your account and mine linked together with their response to you ordering masks. I did not see any of your personal information at all. It was just from a response message. No harm done from what I can tell.

Jeppers…again !!!

Finally got my 10-pk of KN95 masks today after 3 weeks. Thought I’d share some photos & impressions for those of you who are still waiting, so you know what to expect.

There were 10 in the box; 5 “envelopes” with 2 in each. Each “envelope” is sealed.
Each mask is folded on itself. I just did a quick test-fit; it does fit noticeably closer around the mouth & nose vs. the “surgical” masks. That is part of what makes them respirators (protecting you) rather than simple face masks (protecting others).

They don’t look exactly like the one pictured on the Wyze website. The box however says “Livocare” and “iHealthlabs”, which does correspond. I looked up these companies earlier and they seem to be somewhat legit (or at least, not an obvious scam).

The mask is marked “FuSheng FS-002”; I got no results when I DuckDuckGo’d this. I just noticed now that the box is marked with “Tianjin Fushen science and technology Co, Ltd.”. A search for this did not turn up anything traceable. If these were from Tianjin, that would be an interesting difference as most masks seem to come from Guandong.



This is not mine

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"ORDER # 002255377
Wyze Sense
Sense Pack
Sense Contact Sensor Kit WHCSB $19.99 * Ordered1*
*** Shipped1 $19.99**
Disposable Face Masks
Mask Type
Disposable Face Masks (50 count)"

Order was actually made a week before it was logged in on 4/30, received it 5/13, took 2 weeks to travel the nation.
I never received Wyze Sense part of order.
I have sent 2 emails after waiting 3-5 days.
Still no acknowledgement of any email.

Thanks peacefrog_0521 for posting these pictures! I got mine the other day, and just opened the box this a.m. (I let everything sit in quarantine for a day or two). When I looked at them in the bag, at first, I thought to myself these are not going to cover both my nose and mouth. I did not realize they were folded.
Thanks very much!

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