Update on outdoor cam shows camera is off/offline 2021

Anyone have this issue with outdoor cam not working properly after firmware update? Cameras show offline when they are online and no way to change to “on” via app. Not to mention there is no recording of events on sd card. Even when scheduled recording. Have two cameras with same settings. One holds charge for 2 to 3 months and one for a few weeks. Very disappointed.


Yes! 'My events ’ aren’t saving to my SD card either and it isn’t even picking up my hubs when he goes to work in the morning or when he gets home or anything. I don’t want to do a scheduled recording bc I shouldn’t have to. So I’m stubborn. But I feel like a guinea pig for this company, that’s for sure.

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Yep, same here. Haven’t figured out how to fix it yet.

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Soooo. I turned off the detection zone. And bam-O notifications for days.