Update all firmware fail but individually work fine

Anyone ever see Update All fail on firmware updates but if you do each one individually it works fine?

I’m a relatively new user but now on 4th set of new cameras… I currently have 17 with 4 outdoor cameras coming soon. Not a big deal but slightly less convenient when you have to do one at a time. I’ve seen this behavior off three different access points and each using different ISPs as well (Comcast, Frontier and small area ISP in a small town-vacation cabin). I notice most shipping cameras are on quite old versions of firmware too.

I have more cams than I care to admit, and I have seen this happen , but not consistently. Usually it works, but occasionally one or two out of 20+will fail. Never had a problem following up individually and updating them though.
I don’t know why this occurs however. :pleading_face:


Thanks! Everything does eventually update as you have seen as well . Perhaps logic that just updates one camera at a time behind the scenes. Not a big problem by any means but at this point I will probably just do one at a time for updates until I hear something has changed.

Same happens to me!
I will update all of my devices (cameras, plugs, bulbs,) and everything will fail and need to be power cycled, but when I do it individually everything updates fine.