Unreliable Time Lapse Feature

I realize I bought a cheap camera but I would expect it to perform the simple features. Maybe this is a wish list item. I was wishing the cams could take time lapse photos upon request.

I was having some major yard work performed at my house on Saturday. I wanted to record the event by capturing a time lapse on each of my 4 V2 cams. I cleared the SD card on all 4 devices to ensure storage wasn’t an issue (Don’t trust overlap).

Watching the event occur on the cams was fun and what I expected. Unfortunately, three of the four cams failed to capture a time lapse as I requested. Luckily it wasn’t a total waste of time and one captured good detail of the event.

The other three faulty cams showed a file icon in the album but when you clicked on the file for download, it said such file does not exist. Very frustrating.

Cams are on their own network with UPS support. SD cards are fine.

When trying to access the files that aren’t there where they should be by clicking on the icon, the Cam views are disconnected. Killing and restarting the app solved that problem.

One other complaint is, whoever thought of putting white text on a light background should be shot, twice.

Try taking the uSD cards out of the cameras and plug them into a computer. See if a computer can read the files.

As for the colors, there have been MANY complaints about the color scheme used by Wyze. It’s better than it used to be. At least in your camera group screen capture, you can see a somewhat darker band at the top where the camera name is seen.

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Thanks. I did not think of that.