Unplayable exported videos on Android 12 - Pixel 6 Pro

When exporting/saving video to album from my Wyze V3 on Android 12 (Pixel 6 Pro), resulting file saved won’t play natively on my device. Footage will only play on the Wyze app.
If I try to share the video file (either directly from the Wyze app, or from my Photos app) the receiving device can’t play the video as well. I tried email, WhatsApp, saving to the cloud and downloading on the computer, USB transfer from the phone. Won’t play at all.
According to file info, the resulting save file has a 352x288 resolution.

Exporting/saving the same footage from my work phone (iPhone Xr on iOS 15.1) saves the video just fine. Resolution is as expected (1920x1080p). Sharing the file and then playback on the Pixel 6 Pro is not an issue, if the file was originally saved from iOS.

Anyone with the same combo (Wyze V3 + Pixel 6 device - or any Android 12 device for that matter) having the same issue?

Wyze V3 on the latest firmware (
Wyze app latest version (v2.26.22)
Android 12 fully updated as well.

Sent logs to support via the app.
Big bummer as not being able to view/share videos is a big no no.

Same issue with my Pixel 4A. My wife’s iPhone can save and play the 12 sec clips, but she can’t access random times to record anything else. I can access random times, but I can’t view saved files.