Unlimited licenses not showing in app

Just subscribed to cam plus unlimited plan , not seeing the 99 licenses in my services

Cleared app cache and force quit app and still not showing .

How long do I have to wait for the licenses to appear on my account…?

Should be pretty quick. If you go to the services page (not in the app) do you see it associated to your account

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Not sure where to go exactly to see that . Not seeing it in the website

This is all I see when I click on services in the website

Uploading: 7A4F621B-061E-4089-9A54-A4208C31A8FF.jpeg…

I’m seeing it now but I don’t see the 99 licenses in my app . Nor can I assign the cameras to the 99 licenses…

Once logged in you will see all services associated to your account.

Yea I see that now . And it’s their on the website but the 99 licenses are not showing up in my services tab in the app

Did you log out of the app and log back in?

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Yes I’ve done that

This is all I’m seeing in the services tab

Considering all you have done, If it doesn’t show up within an hour I’d give support a call.


Called support . Did all of the troubleshooting and still the 99 licenses didn’t show up

Support refunded the plan I bought , credited me that back , and then used that credit to buy another unlimited plan.

After they did that , I was instructed to force close app and open it again and check the services tab and now the app shows my 99 licenses! :slight_smile:

Thanks to Ricky Goles from support for the help!!!


Right on, thank you for letting us know.


Where can I go to get the Cam Plus Unlimited plan? That sounds better than buying on for each individual camera

Go to services.wyze.com, and under cam plus you should see cam plus unlimited


I figured it out… you have click on free trial. Then on the next screen it asks how many. If you get it to 5 then the unlimited option shows up… Gonna get that when my V3 Pros show up