Uneven floors (thresholds)

Been looking for robot vacuums and am curious about the 20mm height navigation. I’ve got wood floors added on top of old floors in part of my home with just a touch over 20mm. Would love to hear anyone’s experience with the vacuum navigating this.

I have a carpet which is about .75 to an inch above the HW floor. It has no issue climbing on top of that, Although it is Carpet. It does a little maneuver and angles itself to get one tire up before the other, kind of impressive to watch.

When you say a touch, what are you talking?

Well, I don’t have a good tool to measure, but my attempt just now says it’s actually about 18mm. And, my conversion says that 20mm is just over 3/4" (.0787 inch). Thanks for the response. Now, I just need to convince my wife to give it a try.

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We have had one for sometime. It Vacuums every Saturday on a schedule. We also pick everything up so it gets all over, but if we forget to pick up something, it get around it. My Wife loves it.

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