Unbelievable support

Any more ticket numbers beyond that one? No the call was dropped so I didn’t get the ticket # for the support call today.

So to clarify, you originally ordered two v2 power adapters but were shipped two V1 power adapters, you got a refund (for both?). Then you bought “v2” but where shipped a V1 adapter again? Here we go again. I originally ordered 2 V2 outdoor adapters one for my V3 Pro and the other for a V3 Cam Pan. When they arrived the box they came in had a barcode sticker on them that said X003MEEMER Cam PanV3 Power Adapter. It worked ok in the V3 Pro but not in the V3 Pan Cam that one requires a 90 degree adapter which was not included in either box. I called tech support she issued a refund for one of the adapters and she told me to reorder. In the confusion I thought she said to order a V1 which I did and naturally it won’t work. That’s the whole rotten history of this mess. All I need is the dongle that makes the straight USB into a 90. What’s so hard about that?

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Tony escalated your ticket, hopefully you will hear from someone in the next few days.

@ncbwilson – Your escalation revealed that the warehouse had mixed up SKUs for some reason. They are transferring stock over to the warehouse, but it will take a few days for them to send a replacement. Let us know if you get the correct adapter this time. :slight_smile:


Yep, I was looking for the item model number printed onin the box, not the sticker. Like above, the sticker indicates the correct power adapter ordered, but the box printing will tell the story if it’s a V1 or v2 power adapter that was actually shipped. @Newshound has a good explanation of what occured.

Not hard, just trying to help fix the problem and make things right for you and the others with this issue. I know that’s Supports goal as well. I am helping trying to make sure your issue is that you were shipped an incorrectly labeled v2 power adapter (V1 labeled with the sticker of a v2) or an actual v2 power adapter that is missing the 90 degree pigtail. Those are very different issues, and the printing on the box, not the sticker will tell. Thanks! Also like @Newshound stated, I did escalate your issue.


Could you please confirm this ticket number? That seems to be missing a digit. I’m trying to have the team look into this case. :slight_smile:


Oops my bad Ticket # 2854037

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Thank you kindly! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Gwendolyn, I hope you’re doing well. This exact scenario the original poster made happened to me, Can you please help me? My power adapter box says its for wyze cam pan v3 but it did not include the separate 90 degree small cable. I made a ticket as well, it’s Wyze Ticket 2901830.

Hello did you ever get the correct box? What happened to you is exactly what I am experiencing right now. I paid extra for the cam pan v3 power adapter but it did not arrive with the 90 degree separate small cable. I made a ticket but reading what happened to you I am very concerned. I hope they send me the correct box the second time.

hello Paul, how did you get them to send you the correct product? I am also experiencing exactly what you went through. I got the box but with no 90 degree smaller cable. I made a ticket but they have not replied. I don’t want Wyze to send me the wrong box again. Please help?

I don’t know. After hounding tech support and posting on this forum the correct adapters just showed up Fedex mailed from Greenwood Ind.

I escalated your issue also. Hopefully you will see a resolution sometime next week. :slight_smile: