Unable to view support cases in Wyze account


Anyone able to view/access their support case in the Wyze account? In Account – Wyze, there used to be a link (on left panel) where you can view/open support case. It’s gone since yesterday. I have opened a support case several days ago and wanted to check the status.


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Seriously? No one open support case or trying to view their support case?

Nope. Never knew it existed before. I would like to also know the status of my tickets!

Same here, all of my support tickets are gone from the panel and Wyze is not responding to any new requests. It’s like they shutdown their customer support.

EDIT: maybe it’s Pandemic related, but it would be good for Wyze to address their customer support problems. Maybe post a notice that they are short staffed? But removing the support tickets from user account pages and then not responding to open support requests or new support requests is leaving me with a bad feeling about the condition of Wyze as a company.