Unable to take still photos from recorded videos

Unable to take still photos from recorded videos in playback, both on Pixel and iPad. Pixel crashes immediately, iPad gives message “Access Denied” w/o crashing. Anyone else experiencing this? Submitted ticket…

In iOS, you need to go into the Settings App, scroll all the way down to Wyze, tap Photos, and enable Read & Write. While you’re there, make sure Microphone is on if you want to talk to the camera and Background App Refresh is on if you want notifications while not using the app.

Rick, thank you. iOS is now working.

My settings say that but I can’t take still photo of recording of playback. I can pause video but how do I take photo of paused frame?

Hello @doseykeno, I recommend you check out these instructions @Loki posted previous.

It didn’t work. Doesn’t matter. I paused video to frame I wanted and took a screenshot. So I have my still photo of frame I wanted of recording of playback

We were receiving the access denied on the iPad because of a setting in the iPad, the microphone was turned off in the iPad system settings. We were trying to use the microphone feature and speak through the app to the camera. Not sure on the still screenshot access denied error.