Unable to subscribe to Cam Plus Lite

I am unable to process and am unable to subscribe to Cam Plus Lite. I pick the amount (i’ve tried various different amounts) and when i click on “next” it goes to process my order.

The problem is that on this screen, it never seems to let me finish processing the order. It sits on the review order page and just seems to get stuck there thinking.

Is there something that I’m not doing correctly?

@wlfpck, Welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear you are having issues adding a CamPlusLite subscription for your Cam.

I am hoping you are an NC WolfPack fan!?

Can you provide more details or screenshots? Are you adding a subscription from the app or the website? What type of Cam? Do you already have Cams on other plans? Is the target cam already installed to your app home screen?

I just pulled one of my cams off of CamPlus and was able to enroll it in CamPlusLite and was also able to get the website to produce one…I think. My current CamPlus plan may be affecting that though. That’s the reason for the questions.

Tried it on my phone. It worked and went through. Not sure why it wasn’t working on my PC… but no issues now.


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:raised_hands: WooHoo! :partying_face:

Glad you got what you needed. Since your post, I did see another post claiming that the computer website isn’t working but the mobile one was. Your post is helpful in verifying that.

Be safe and well!

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