Unable to set waypoints

I have the Pan Cam…trying to set waypoints but heres a screen shot…I cant click on anything here to set them

Take a look at this setup guide and see if this is a solution for the waypoints.

Waypoints Setup

Could you tell me what phone you are using that on (Android, IOS), from what I can tell in the screen shot it looks as if your resolution is set to the point that a part of the screen you need, you can’t see.

I’m using,g a android LG phone…that might be the…how would I change it

Go into settings … display … font size and style and let me know what it is set at

also settings … display … screen resolution and let me know what it is at

Font x large…don’t see a resolution…still looking

Screen resolution is just down from font size, but lower your font size a few notches and see what happens please

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Changed to large Font and now I see the set button…thanks

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You are welcome

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Went nuts trying to figure that one out!!

Text size can throw things out-of-whack at times

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