Unable to review event notifications issue thread (07/01/2019)

@WyzeGwendolyn do you know what’s up or when this will be fixed?

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All, this has been reported to Wyze. I’m sure they will update this thread when they know something. I have been merging all of the reports I can find into this thread.


Thanks for doing that @DreadPirateRush
Wyze is usually pretty fast to respond and acknowledge when issues come about. I am surprised we haven’t seen them mention anything about this yet at all.

You’re welcome. Sometimes it takes a little time to recognize a trend.

Some folks are starting to report the issue may be resolved. But, I would still wait for official word from Wyze.

Same… I am in Southeast Alabama

The Wyze team are working on it. Update:


Agree @HDRock … That said… it may be by total unfortunate coincidence that someone is setting up their cams for the first time or adding more and not realizing this is happening at the same time.


Since 5 minutes, everything is back to normal.

I think the recent App update somehow took out the feature for viewing video clips in the Sensor menu sections for the “Guest” user. To view them, I have to go back to the Home screen and click on Events and scroll thru the list. Just different way to access the information

But as the “Owner” (different from “Guest”). I can still view the sensor triggered clips in either sensor menu or at Home menu

Just inconsistency of App software design

According to Wyze at 5:22 EDT, they believe it is fixed. Continue to report if you are still having problems.

See this: Event Video Service Trouble (07/01/19) [RESOLVED] - #12 by WyzeGwendolyn