Unable to renable Person Detection after disabling it in Wyze Services

Not able to re-enable “Person Detection” in Wyze Services after accidental disable it. Any suggestions, Directions?

Using Android 5.1 Phone.

Wyze App version : 2.4.82
Wyze Firmware :

I think you typed the firmware wrong.
I’m on

I have the same issue. When I enter the Wyze service tab, I only see what person detection does with a button to purchase a Wyze camera. I have a Wyze Cam Pan. I have the latest firmware installed.

Welcome to the community, @Dwayne_K. Could you please specify which OS, app version (public or beta), and firmware version? “Latest” is subjective. :slight_smile:

OS - Android 5.1

I think App is redirecting to incorrect page. instead of redirecting to Person Detect settings page. it is redirecting to Shopping page.

I am running android os, the camera firmware version is 4.29. 4.41 and the app version is public 2. 4.82.

Thank you, all! Anyone having this issue, please submit a support request via the app, and post the ticket numbers in this thread.

Submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

Firmware is the RTSP firmware which doesn’t support person detection service. You’d have to flash the firmware to in order to use person detection. :slight_smile:


It redirected you to the Shop page because you don’t have cameras with firmware that supports person detection.

I mentioned in my previous thread, It was working once upon time, and now it is redirecting me to shopping page.

How i can flash the firmware to Can you describe steps, please… I already turned off RTSP. then restart device same result.

Here are the directions for reflashing firmware from the support page:

How To Reflash Firmware