Unable to reinstall Wyze app on IPad

I recently deleted my IPad’s Wyze app then tried to reinstall, Only to not being able to find the appropriate app - I have 2 “normal” cameras and 1 “pan” camera

What app do I need to get back to “normal” ?

Thank you…Bill

This one:

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yes, I found that “WYZE” icon but there’s noting to “click on” to download the app - and suggestions ?

What generation of iPad are you using?

If you have downloaded it before it will be a cloud icon with a downward pointing arrow. Otherwise it will be the word Get.

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It looks like this on my iPad


yes, I do have the Cloud Icon with the down-arrow - what do I do with that to reinstall the app ?

when I tap the Cloud it changes to a small square, surrounded by a circle ???

That circle surrounding the square means it is attempting to download. If the download succeeds the installation is automatic. That circle will gradually fill in with a heavier line as the download progresses.

Of course you need to be connected to the net for that to work.

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