unable to re-share a service one removed

Here’s the Saga that has unfolded with the “Support” team regarding our Wyze account. Mind you, I’m only documenting this to help anyone that may have this issue.

This started when we were unable to arm or disarm our security system. My wife is a shared user of my main account. I had removed the security service from the user sharing portion of the app then tried to re-add it in efforts to allow her to remote arm and disarm again.

Much to my dismay, my app says that i could not share the service with her account because her account already had the monitoring service. Well this is incorrect as her account on the monitoring service was now blank and wanted to start a new plan. So what’s happened is Wyze’s [mod edit] programmers aren’t actually removing the monitoring service share when its unchecked by the master account.

I contacted support, submitted their logs. listened to my wife bitch. let this draw out for 2 weeks of letting them “figure it out”. Finally after the canned [mod edit] responses, however polite and well scripted, I decided to figure this crap out.

As I assumed the account had somehow still been associated with my master accounts monitoring service. So I come here to see how to delete her account and start new so she’s not having to use a new email. Well there was [mod edit] on here about deleting your account. In the app there is a delete account under Account → Account, then at the very bottom. It’ll prompt you with 3 check boxes to delete everything. I delete her entire account. Remake it. Then was able to re-share the monitoring service along with all the cameras and stuff.

So if anyone has this issue. In short.

Delete the sub account being shared with. Remake the account. Then Re-share.

Or just choose a more repudiable alarm company.

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