Unable to perform network setup of Wyze Robot Vacuum

My original I received in January never worked. Wyze sent a warranty exchange and it works perfectly.


Finally! My replacement vacuum arrived while we were out of town. I researched how to set up a guest network and did that. Charged the vacuum overnight, turned the cellular data on my phone off and began set up using the guest network. Finally, my robot vacuum works. It is mapping and cleaning.

Note: I am not nearly technologically advanced as many posters on this site. My original vacuum was one of the first shipped, so I don’t know if it was defective or if the guest network is the ticket to success. Definitely worth trying the guest network…

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THIS IS THE ANSWER EVERY… I turned in setting and change the app location to always and turned on the precise location… VACCUM SETUP completed instantly… thank you so much for that info… damn shame the headache Wyze cause with them basic instructions as if all the operating systems operating equally to their products… DO BETTER WYZE!

Change you location setting… someone put the method in the comments , I restated it but it’s the location settings and a damn shame customer service can’t tell us that.

I wish they would have given me an IQ test before ordering this. I’ve tried everything in the directions. I get to the pairing stage, it says “trying to connect may take a minute,” yet my phone says it is connected. As there is no support available for a neophyte, I am afraid I have to return it if they let me. Too bad I was really looking forward to it,

One more (successful) wrinkle in this whole mess.
Like so many others, nothing seemed to work. Unlike many, using an iPad not mobile to set up Wi-Fi connection. Long and short of it after a thousand different things, I had to turn cellular off on my iPhones (2) and then set up worked from my iPad. Once done, could turn everything back on and all is good. If wyze would monitor this very helpful forum, they would save all a lot of grief. Thank you all SO MUCH!